Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Take-out Menu 2018

Pre-dinner nibbles

English sausage rolls with Dijon mustard $24 per dozen

Jumbo Shrimp cocktail $36 per dozen

Smoked salmon pate with salmon caviar crostini $36 per dozen

Mini zesty crab cakes with remoulade sauce $36 per dozen

Scallop and Gruyere mini bites $30 per dozen

Caramelized onion and goat cheese tartlets $24 per dozen

Mini corn muffins with smoked ham, Gruyere and pepper jelly $36 per dozen

Mac, cheese and bacon bites $30 per dozen

Smoked trout pate with crackers  $40


Puree of butternut squash, apple and carrot with Chinese five spice  $16 per qt

Wild mushroom and Brie with a splash of truffle oil $18 per qt

Leek, potato and caramelized onion $16 per qt

Scallop, smoked haddock and corn chowder $20 per qt

Popovers $24 per dozen

Sides per person qt feed 3-4 people unless specified

Roasted brussel sprouts, with shallots, dried cranberries and slab bacon $20.00

Cinnamon chipotle roasted sweet potatoes  $18.00

Mashed potatoes with caramelized onion and truffle oil $19.00

Creamed spinach $18.00

Haricot Vert with sliced almonds and frizzled onions $19.00

Italian sausage and herb stuffing $18.00

Apricot and sage bread stuffing $16.00

Harvest grains, mushrooms, dried cranberries, leeks and herbs $18.00

Roasted, parsnips, carrot and red onion $18.00

Cranberry, apple and tart cherry chutney  $20

Turkey gravy $18per qt

Free-range turkey set up for roasting with instructions estimate 1 ½ 1LB per person market price

Sweet soy and ginger glazed salmon $15 per portion


Pear, apple ginger cobbler $45 serves 10

Pumpkin pie, butter pastry crust $30 serves 8-10

Pecan Bourbon pie $45 serves 8-10

Pear and Poire William sorbet $20 per qt

Order must be placed by Sunday, November 18th, 2018 3:00pm